The Product

Protective clothing used in healthcare such as surgical gowns are made from petrochemical plastics which are designed to be disposed by landfill or burning at very high temperatures. They are also a major contributor to plastic waste for healthcare organisations worldwide with only 3% of this plastic being recycled. These plastics are breaking down to microplastics and polluting our rivers and oceans.

We have seen first hand the challenges that global epidemics of new and emerging microbial threats can bring and as current antimicrobial activity of disinfections and antibiotics begin to plateau. Healthcare associated infections are a major burden on healthcare systems world wide costing the NHS Alone £1billion a year.

As a company we see that climate change and plastic pollution as an existential threat to our lives, health and wellbeing, and to make a difference our organisational aims are as follows:


Working with all our manufacturing and supply chain partners to quantify and reduce carbon emissions from our supply chain.

Social value 

Delivering local solutions to manufacturing and delivery of our advanced fabric products. In turn supporting the local economy, communities and reducing unnecessary travel and movement of goods.

Single fibre soft elastic cuffs

Lightweight breathable fabric
Antimicrobial coating throughout
Reinforced seams
Ties for secure fastening
Ties for shape and fit

Circular by design

All our innovative products will be designed to maintain the function and value of products, components and materials at the highest possible level and to extend the lifespan of such products.

Waste management

Delivering unique solutions with waste partners to extend the lifespan of products and materials as much as possible.

Meet The Team

Shailesh Patel

Founder with a mission to deliver sustainable solutions in healthcare. 25 years of NHS and Private Hospital experience.

Hannah Harmon

Experience in delivering projects as well as managing our marketing and customer engagement

Wayne Lacey

Experienced in both regulatory and audit of medical devices.

Rachel Mannering

Experienced accountant with over 20 years experience with SMEs